Introducing SHOPPER360

Proprietary methodologies

SHOPPER360 presents myriad research opportunities for businesses in the consumer goods value chain that were impossible before recent breakthroughs in virtual technology. To make the most of these opportunities for our clients, we have developed a suite of methodologies that are sector-specific, agile and evolving.

SHOPPER360 applies the many possibilities of the virtual world to the specific needs of the consumer goods and retail sectors.

As a dynamic industry in changing times, the consumer goods sector is ready for a new approach. In response to these challenges, we have developed our own unique methodologies that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our proprietary methodologies uncover insights that were previously hidden and bring fresh thinking to problems that have confounded consumer goods research for years.

Do you have an unusual or particularly complex shopper question? If so, we have the experience and talent to create a unique solution for you.

Because we have a range of proprietary methodologies, we can apply whichever best suits your needs to predict the impact of behaviour changes on your chosen key metrics, analysing the data through many lenses.

If none of them suits your specific challenge, we will develop a solution that does.

SHOPPER360’s methodologies bring together the latest thinking in observational data and quantitative modelling.

Drawing on the work of academics, leading global researchers and client innovation, we are continually refining SHOPPER360’s methodologies and developing new ones.

We draw on the expertise of a team of qualified and proven quantitative and qualitative practitioners to ensure the validity of our methodologies — everything is grounded in guaranteed statistical validity, meticulous observation and advanced analytical modelling.

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