The user experience for research participants

It’s critical that research participants shop naturally, without any distraction or influence from the virtual environment. To achieve this, the participant experience is structured to deliver behaviour and outcomes that are as close as possible to a real shopping trip.

We conduct the studies in a central location. Our respondents are selected based on the demography and psychographic make-up required to give valid predictions for the target population.

To provide the highest validity in forecast accuracy, we have designed, tested and proven a proprietary four-step process that takes about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of the study.



Virtual Orientation

Our gamified orientation process introduces research participants to the virtual world and physically orientates them before they enter the study environment.



A series of questions anchors the participants in their natural shopping behaviour, moderated by real-world constraints such as time, budget and who they are shopping for.



Once the participant is fully orientated and interacting effortlessly with the virtual world, they are briefed on their shopping mission.



The shopper enters the study area and the facilitator leaves them to shop naturally without interruptions while our technology captures every aspect of their experience. Their journey is usually recorded every 10th of a second, with the ability to record at up to 100 times a second if your study needs it.


Your data, insights and recommendations

The recorded shopper journeys of your study are analysed using a range of processes and sophisticated modelling tools to identify the causal relationships behind purchase outcomes.

Our commercial experts work with these findings to identify actionable insights and develop clear recommendation based on proven outcomes.

You will receive a comprehensive, illustrated report showing the study findings, insights and our strategy recommendations for optimising value creation.

Our reports are tailored to answer the strategic questions that were identified at the start of the study. We use a combination of tools that report on behavioural indicators such as:

  • The impact of dual process thinking on shopper behaviour
  • Heat maps generated by our proprietary eye-tracking technology and measurement systems
  • Key outcomes such as share predictions, pricing elasticity analysis, basket penetration, category and supplier performance, or whatever analysis delivers value.

Selling the strategy to your customers or stakeholders

Research is of no value if your customers or stakeholders don’t trust it.  SHOPPER360 offers sophisticated media products that help you tell the story through the eyes of the shopper. Your organisation’s decision-makers can even enter the VR simulation and experience the options themselves.

The result is a convincing, evidence-based argument for your strategic recommendations.

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