Who do we work with?

SHOPPER360 reduces risk and optimises outcomes at every stage of the innovation journey, from concept and product development to market evaluation, design, prototyping, A/B testing and launch strategies.

Our clients include retailers, marketers and sales executives across the whole consumer goods value chain.


SHOPPER360 focuses on your bottom line, accurately predicting the volume and profit impact of any innovation that influences shoppers in your stores.

Because SHOPPER360’s design capabilities are so flexible, we can help you improve everything from store formats, category management and path-to-purchase to fixtures, the shopper experience and how your brand comes to life in-store. Conducting the research in a virtual rather than a real store means there’s no disruption to trading and lets us run multiple tests to find the optimal outcome.



SHOPPER360 reveals how shoppers will respond to your brand or product innovation at the moment of truth — in the store and at the shelf. We can test your marketing strategies in multiple store formats and optimise your offers by channel.

Your brand and pack design, on-pack activations and brand promotions will all become more effective. Why? Because SHOPPER360 identifies heuristic and unconscious influences within specific store environments, so you can maximise emotive or intuitive cues and optimise traditional decision hierarchies.

We can also test the out-of-store purchase outcomes of your advertising and brand campaigns.

Once we’ve identified the most effective brand innovation strategy together, SHOPPER360’s media assets and story-telling tools will help you win over stakeholders and excite your retail partners.


Sales executives

We designed SHOPPER360 to support sales executives by providing highly accurate sales, share and profitability predictions and commercially intelligent insights.

The flexible environment enables you to test pack and price strategies, framing, category navigation, assortment, planograms and merchandising.

SHOPPER360 does not rely on historic sales data to try and predict the future. We create real, lifelike scenarios so sales leaders can test new hypotheses to determine which ones create the highest value and achieve their goals. Because we measure purchase outcomes, SHOPPER360 provides a predictive scan that is directly attributable to the commercial strategy being tested.


We’re sure you agree that the best commercial outcomes happen when brands and retailers work as partners.

SHOPPER360 provides an agnostic environment where aligned business plans can be developed collaboratively, with no real-world risk or disruption to business as usual.

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