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Thanks to its gaming roots, SHOPPER360 creates convincing, immersive and cost-effective virtual shopping worlds that bring new levels of prediction, accuracy, flexibility and speed to your shopper marketing research.

Prediction —Our shoppers are so immersed, they feel a sense of privacy and autonomy that allows them to shop naturally without censoring themselves.

Wearing the latest VR headsets, SHOPPER360 participants can walk, crouch, stretch, pick up products and turn. The virtual shopping world responds to their movement exactly as the real world would.

Accuracy — SHOPPER360’s sophisticated platform observes, measures and records behaviour in unparalleled detail.

We have incorporated optical hardware into our headsets, delivering meticulous eye-tracking of each shopper’s journey. Using our proprietory measurement capability, we capture what they look at, in what order and the exact duration. Individual heat maps are created in real time and results across the sample group can be agregated to what ever configuration you want

The rate of data capture can be calibrated according to the needs of your project —from 10 times per second to 100 times per second. This means we can carry out highly granular analysis of every aspect of the shopping experience, from store navigation, vision tracking and response times to what was purchased or discarded.

Through statistically significant respondent recruitment based on your target market, we can predict with great accuracy the impact of changes in individual behaviours on your chosen metrics. Market share, revenue, margin, average weight of purchase and basket penetration are just a few possibilities.

Flexibility — Every element in SHOPPER360 is created digitally, so there are few limits on the assets we can build and test and the variations we can make.

You can prototype packaging or promotional assets straight from design files without costly physical models, or research and test radical ideas with no real-world risk.

Cost — Testing new-to-market ideas is low cost and low risk in SHOPPER360’s purely digital environments.

Building physical prototypes for A/B testing across multiple stores and formats is expensive, whether it involves investing in new elements (packaging, store fixtures, store layouts, communication collateral) or a complete brand architecture refresh.

Finding the right number of retail stores to conduct statistically significant control and experiment tests is also costly and can be operationally prohibitive.

None of these cost constraints exist in the virtual world. With SHOPPER360, we can provide everything you need at a lower cost relative to existing approaches such as in-store trials. It is the most cost-effective way to build multiple prototypes, design studies to conduct A/B tests across different scenarios, isolate cause and effect for those studies, and deliver insights and recommendations.

Speed — SHOPPER360 is designed to meet the unique challenges of the consumer goods sector, where success is built on reacting to market changes faster than your competitors.

Losing customer loyalty and market share often happens quickly. With SHOPPER360, we can respond to your new ideas and emerging challenges instantly, changing store layouts, fittings and relays with a simple keystroke. You can make sweeping changes or subtle innovations to the test environment as many times as you like, as fast as you need.

By helping you to test and refine multiple new strategies more quickly, SHOPPER360 will make your business more responsive and robust, providing a major competitive advantage.

The immersive realism and unmatched observational capability of the SHOPPER360 platform is largely due to the ground-breaking work of Dr Maher Hatab, Lumaten’s Chief Technical Officer. Maher’s team of 3D artists and specialist developers are based all around the world, providing global reach for collaboration and technical excellence.

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