Introducing SHOPPER360

Selling consumer goods has never been tougher. Shopping behaviour is constantly changing and brand loyalty is becoming less relevant. As a result, the industry is ultra-competitive, the risks are greater, and margins are decreasing. These are major challenges, and the only way to overcome them is to understand shopper behaviour better.

Imagine the future if you could get inside every shopper’s head.

Those high new product intent-to-purchase scores are delivering on their promise every time. Your latest line extension is still on the shelves 12 months after launching. Your pricing strategy is working because it’s built around the latest behaviour-based evidence, not yesterday’s data.

With SHOPPER360’s breakthrough research platform, all this is possible.

Developed by senior executives in the consumer goods sector, SHOPPER360 delves beneath how shoppers THINK they will act to reveal how they WILL act.

By combining immersive virtual reality (VR) and cognitive psychology, SHOPPER360 reveals the conscious and unconscious motivations driving purchasing decisions. We use predictive analytics to interpret what the results mean for your business, both across the store path-to-purchase and at the shelf. Then our team of senior commercial experts translate the outcomes into an evidence-based strategy.

SHOPPER360 is a powerful tool for any business that stands or falls on shopper behaviour.

Because it is observational rather than language-based, SHOPPER360 provides a new level of predictive accuracy, speed and flexibility for shopper marketing research that translates into stronger, more effective commercial strategies.

What makes SHOPPER360 different is our unique 360-degree, four-discipline approach, which fuses the latest tools and thinking in Commerce, Technology, Psychology and Research Methodology.


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A deeper understanding of shopper behaviour

Who do we work with?

SHOPPER360 reduces risk and optimises outcomes at every stage of the innovation journey, from concept and product development to market evaluation, design, prototyping, A/B testing and launch strategies.

Our clients include retailers, marketers and sales executives across the whole consumer goods value chain.

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The user experience for research participants

It’s critical that research participants shop naturally, without any distraction or influence from the virtual environment. To achieve this, the participant experience is structured to deliver behaviour and outcomes that are as close as possible to a real shopping trip.

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